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Project Budget*

The minimum budget is $50 USD.

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Project Deadline

I can work quickly if necessary! Let me know how soon you need your project completed. (There may be upcharges depending on how steep the deadline is.)

Project Brief*

Please type a detailed description of the project you have in mind (At least 100 characters). If there are any specific requests, make sure to include them. Also include information like colors, duration, resolution, framerate, style, logo download link, etc.

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Over the years as a freelancer, I've tweaked and changed my personal policies a lot, and I believe I have found an effective balance between the security of your purchase and customer peace of mind.

  1. I generally charge anywhere between $50 and $100, depending on the matter at which you request.
  2. I reserve the right to price my work at what I feel is reasonable and necessary to complete your work in a timely manner and to your specifications. If my quote is too expensive to fit your budget, please understand that I will unlikely lower the price. An exception to this can be made if you change your mind and ask for a different concept in your work that is less labor intensive.
  3. I do require at least fifty percent of the payment (that I quote you when you request your work) as a down payment to ensure your determination in working with me. If you change your mind, I will refund all of the money, no questions asked. Note that PayPal takes a small percentage of the money when using their Purchase Protection, so your refund may be slightly smaller than your original payment.
  4. I do not require the rest of the payment until you are satisfied with the end product (of which I will send previews so you can approve/disprove the changes I make to your liking).
  5. If you are suddenly unable to pay for the second half of the work I have done, I will hold on to your down payment and project until you are able to do so. I will not refund your money if you suddenly decide against working with me halfway through the production of your work as this is an obvious waste of my time and resources. To avoid any financial issues, set aside the money you will use to pay me and make sure it stays with you and you do not lose it. This way you will have the money ready when I finish with your work, and make everyone's lives easier.

Creative Process

  1. Before I begin to work on your project, I request as much detail for what you were looking for as possible. The more details I have, the more accurately I can create your vision. If you're basing your request off a different work, or making a reference to it, a link to where I can see it would be much appreciated.
  2. Once I begin to work on your project, I will occasionally livestream it on my YouTube channel, and I can livestream it at your request (although I may deny the request depending on how I'm feeling for that day). If you request me to livestream the creation of your work, please also provide a time frame where you will be free to watch.
  3. The first section of the creation of your work is usually a long one (that's what she said), as I create the basic infrastructure for the whole design first, and add details much later in the process. After I complete the first draft (which will likely consist of basic elements and animations that I improve and tweak later down the road), I will render it out and upload it unlisted to my YouTube channel so you can see what I have so far.
  4. After I complete the first draft, I ask for comments and questions about the current state of the project. If you need anything changed, please tell me so I can make the work more tailored toward your vision. After I have a decent amount of input and changes to make, I move on to the next draft, and the process continues until you are happy.

Customer Satisfaction

  1. I do not ask for full payment until you are happy with the end product. (see Article I for more information about my payment policy.) Once the final payment is recieved, I will upload the work to my YouTube channel as well as upload the final file and any other necessary assets to my web space for you to download, or a Google Drive link at your request.
  2. If at any time in the future you need anything changed with the design of your project (i.e. small errors, change of color, remove/add an element, etc.), I will make the change for free. If it is a large change or a design overhaul, I will re-quote you another price for me to make that change. I try and be reasonable/proportional with the price, but if it is too much for your budget, I am afraid you are stuck with what you have.
  3. After we have concluded our work together, I do ask each and every client for an honest review to include in my reviews page. If you had any issues working with me, this is my way of letting you share your experience with any other potential future clients. Ratings are out of five (i.e. 1/5 is the worst, 5/5 is the best, etc.)
  4. I do not edit any of my client reviews as that is a very irresponsible thing to do. The only edits I have (or will) ever make to a client review is to fix any grammar errors or make the review more pleasing to read. I do not touch any of the key points the client makes as that would slander their entire review.